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A New Chapter of Cooperation Between HICS and Sinopec to Flourish Years Down the Road

At the end of June, HICS assisted China Petrochemical Corporation's (hereinafter referred to as "Sinopec") convenience store system transformation, improvement of the sales operation, upgrading the quality of non-oil products, and information technology personnel, by holding the first training course on the implementation of the convenience store system, cloud technology transformation and function enhancement.

HICS and Sinopec training course

Since 2018, HICS has been supporting the development of Sinopec's non-oil business by continuously providing suggestions and ideas for the operation and service upgrade of Sinopec's smart stores.

This time, professional trainers from both sides conducted training on the overall structure and implementation plan of cloud POS backend and Yijie Smart Convenience Store product.

HICS and Sinopec training course

Sinopec's business personnel's technical knowledge and capabilities have been effectively enhanced through practical on-site training and discussions. At the same time, the active and efficient interaction between the two parties has also improved Sinopec's smart store solutions and strengthened confidence in each other's cooperation.

Ten Years of Cooperation and Common Growth

Sinopec is the largest refined oil retailer in the country, and the Yijie convenience store based at gas stations constitutes the most extensive retail goods network in China.

HICS and Sinopec training course

HICS has provided Sinopec with product solutions, operations and service support for ten years. So far, it has served more than 25,000 Sinopec Yijie convenience stores. Based on the current consumer demand, HICS actively supports the innovative development model of "old customers" while increasing the strength of R&D as well as operations and maintenance resources to provide technical support for smart stores.

The application of smart store solutions has opened a new chapter of win-win cooperation for both parties, making services more professional, operations more efficient, and consumption more innovative.

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