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Awarded "China's Top Ten Retail Service Providers" HiStone Continues Pride Itself and Shine

From 4 to 5 June, the annual retail industry event "Linkshop Conference" was held in Hangzhou with "The Power of Commodities" theme. The conference focused on the fundamentals of retail and was committed to building a more efficient and benign retail supply chain relationship, attracting more than 1,200 people from all retail formats.

annual retail industry event "Linkshop Conference"

As one of the key players in the retail industry - a retail service provider, HICS has never forgotten its roots in the industry, boosting the retail sector's development with its influential brand power and stable and reliable products and services. In the new business era, facing the ever-changing retail environment, HICS is advancing by driving innovation and injecting new vitality into the retail revolution with new products such as the new brand HiStone and Generation X series.

With over 30 years of experience and continuous innovation of industry contributions, the 2020 "Top Ten Retail Service Providers in China" award was awarded to HICS. This industry award won for several years is a recognition of the company's brand power and product capability and evidence of the strength of the new brand HiStone to continue the pride of the past and shine with glory in the future.

In addition, HiStone was also invited to showcase the brand's new star models - Luna X HT3000 and Luna T HK588E in the exhibition area. They attracted countless eyes with the extraordinary appearance of the Luna family's simplicity and elegant concept.

HiStone Luna X all-in-one POS system

HT3000 horizontal and vertical dual-screens defines a brand new modular POS system, achieving the dual functional attributes of being a self-checkout terminal during peak hours and work as a traditional POS system during non-peak hours. Its most prominent feature is that it can be operated by the customer and cashier simultaneously. A cashier operator can manage multiple devices simultaneously, and they can easily cope with peak hours.

HiStone Luna X all-in-one pos system

At the same time, it can also be deployed as desktop, wall-mounted, and floor-standing types according to the store's layout. The tray can be customized according to user needs, and peripherals such as the cash drawer, card reader, security weighing scale can be flexibly combined with ingenuity and thoughtfulness. This delivers a comfortable and convenient checkout experience to customers.

HiStone POS scale

The HK588E inherits the unique aesthetic of the Luna family. It integrates the printer and speaker functions under the 15.6-inch screen to deliver the primary cash register function while keeping the cash register counter clean and tidy, effortlessly blending into the store's design concept and enhancing its image. At the same time, it supports face payment, member recognition and makes transactions more seamless.

annual retail industry event "Linkshop Conference"

Over the past 31 years, we have witnessed, participated in, and even led the evolution of the entire retail industry. The gene to create higher value for the commercial technology field has been deeply rooted in the blood since the birth of HiStone. In the future, HiStone will also live up to the industry's recognition and the trust of its partners, helping every business dream and work with every customer to create a new business future.


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