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Meet Hisense|HiStone at EuroCIS 2022

Event photo of EuroCIS 2022

Why Attend?

EuroCIS is one of the most significant events in Europe and CIS markets. Annually, it gathers senior executives from the leading retail and hospitality companies to analyze trends, innovations and discuss forecasts of retail business development.

Since internal and external transformation with digital technology is the burning question for every retail and hospitality company Hisense|HiStone is not only proud to exhibit at the event for three consecutive years but is also ready to share its practical insights based on more than 30 years of industry expertise.

Get Ready To Scale Your Digital Transformation Journey With Smart POS and SCO

Details of EuroCIS 2022 Event

This year, Hisense|HiStone will present Smart SCO and POS – a next-generation solution to provide transparency and flexibility in operations, facilitate automated store concepts, and develop "cashier-less" formats. Our solutions will help to align your business processes with tech innovations. Besides, it empowers the enhancement of personalized interactions with consumers by providing the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

Impressed? Schedule a meeting with our team to get personalized tips on creating your own Digital Transformation Journey.

Tel.: +38 067 198 94 21

Let's join together at EuroCIS on 31 May - 2 June to collaborate and exchange ideas and catalyze each other's powers along the road to digital perfection. Can't make it to EuroCIS 2022, let's talk in at a more convenient time for you.

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