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HICS: What Changes and Products the Company Announced

HiStone Global conference 2021

The HICS Global Partner "Hello Future" conference was held at Shangri-la on October 22-24 in Qingdao, China, where a new generation of products was presented: Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) and self-checkout (SCO); including, the opening of new smart manufacturing was announced.

The event was attended by Guan Dongyu, President of Shiji Retail, Chairman of Qingdao Hisense Intelligent Commercial System Co., Ltd., Su Yutao, General Manager of Qingdao Hisense Intelligent Commercial System Co., Ltd., Cao Heping, Chairman of Eurasia Group, and other guests.

HiStone global conference opening ceremony

The conference began with the opening words of gratitude to the global partners for their support and trust. "Hisense|HiStone is delighted to bring the brilliant minds together to create a new future for business!" they said in the video.

General Manager, Su Yutao, announced that the company would finalize its rebranding in 2022 and exclusively refer to HiStone as the parent company. He proclaimed that HiStone was expanding and strengthening three core businesses: commercial intelligence equipment, commercial software, and operations and maintenance services. This will comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the products and create the highest level of intelligent manufacturing capability in the industry, helping the partners to take the leading positions in the business.

One of the key topics of the conference was expanding the presence at the global level. According to the RBR report, Hisense|HiStone is one of the top 5 EPOS equipment manufacturers in the world. The company has ambitious plans and is intensively increasing its European audience. For this, Hisense|HiStone will open a showroom in Milan in December 2021, making it a new step in the company's development.


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