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The 17th China Retail Expo - Hisense Smart Business District 2.0

On 7 November 2015, the 17th China Retail Expo came to a successful conclusion in Wuhan. The exhibition attracted more than 700 of the world's top retail solution providers from the retail, commercial facilities and equipment, mobile payment and other industries.

17th China Retail Expo Hisense Smart business district 2.0

The integration of the Internet and retail, the change of business development thinking, and the innovation of commercial equipment technology have become the exhibition's focus, which has brought new opportunities and opened a new chapter for the development of the domestic retail industry.

Hisense Group is the only domestic circulation information solution provider; and therefore, Hisense's exhibition appearance is naturally high-profile. This time, based on traditional business applications, video technology, Internet technology, extensive data and cloud computing, Hisense has brought a smart business district 2.0 that combines software and hardware products, commercial business and financial business, structured data and unstructured data. Cross-format, cross-merchant to create O2O omnichannel marketing, Internet and physical retail concept completely integrated, outline the future business change model.

So what is the smart business district? Hisense not only brought a new concept of Smart Business District 2.0 but also showed the core products and technologies available in the smart business district. The concept of smart business is the process of attracting customers, welcoming customers, convincing customers to stay, and returning customers. To deepen the audience's understanding of the smart business district, Hisense actually built a micro "business district" at the exhibition site to really feel the charm of a Smart Business District 2.0.

Hisense POS Exhibition Stand

As a business, you can intuitively understand how to collect consumer behavior data through video technology, combine modeling and extensive data analysis technology, get the characteristics and potential needs of consumers data, and carry out the whole process of precision marketing, which can be described as achieving a lot of initiatives in one fell swoop.

In the era of business transformation, Hisense Smart Business District 2.0 combines the latest new concepts and technologies to outline a realistic future business development plan. With the help of the Expo, the latest products and technologies of the retail industry were on display, providing a new window for a glimpse of the future development of the retail industry.


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