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Optimize your Dining Experience with the Hisense "Speed Meal" Companion Business Catering System

In this fast-paced, on-the-go world, if customers can place their orders independently and then pay quickly without waiting for someone to serve them, would this not be very appealing? Hisense is changing how the hospitality industry operates in the pursuit of speed and convenience, delivered stylishly.

Hisense created a mobile application that fuses some fast-food elements of the business process of Shishang fast-food systems. The solution allows customers to order from a mobile clerk on the floor or from a self-service point.

Application Scenarios

Customers can use the Hisense speed point meal system in the following scenarios.

  • The Hisense speed point meal system is installed on the table where customers can browse the menu, place their orders, and make payments.

People sitting at restaurant table eating cake and drinking coffee with Hisense Ordering System

  • The Hisense speed ordering system allows mobile waiters to take orders and payments from customers on the floor.

Waiter helping customer with placing an order on the go

System Characteristics

1. Easy interface enhancing the user experience

The menu allows for easy meal selection and customization, which is simple and easy to use, shortening the customer ordering time and improving ordering efficiency.

Menu interface on Hisense speed ordering system

2. Visually appealing configuration

The system template provides a list of recommended dishes to display on the screen. The background can be configured according to your needs, achieving a visual and flexible menu presentation.

System template allows for personal menu display customization

3. A flexible style interface to meet individual needs

It is easy to customize the display settings to meet the needs of a variety of different businesses. System preferences allow for the home screen pictures, menu icons, promotional activities and ordering mode to be adjusted according to the individual businesses' requirements.

Menu and icon design layout customization

4. Multiple payment methods result in speedy transaction time

A key consideration for any merchant is to offer various payment options so that customers can get the most out of your products and services. Our system supports multiple payment methods, including cash, prepaid card payment, WeChat and Alipay scan code-based payments allowing businesses to manage their cash flow efficiently.

Flexible payment options

5. The system is hardware specific

The system can be deployed on Android, iOS and Windows. It launches an adaptive interface that is not limited by the hardware's processing power or screen size. This helps in reducing the cost of selecting a suitable device for our business.

The system allows for Android, Windows and iOS operating systems

System Application Value

Implementing this system changes the traditional service model to make it more efficient and reduce labour costs with less service staff required. Additional cost savings are achieved using the electronic menu instead of the paper menu, allowing for faster menu changes. Dining satisfaction is greatly enhanced due to the high-tech ordering and payment process that improves the restaurant's efficiency and profile, especially during peak periods where customers don't have to wait for their orders or bill, increasing customer satisfaction.

The system is fundamentally used for ordering food and enhancing customer satisfaction. It also provides information received by the consumer to implement a unified management system and control of commerce at the enterprise management level.


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