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HiStone Impressed the Retail Industry with Next-Gen Checkout Solutions at EuroCIS 2022

Early in 2020, the German Dusseldorf welcomed more than 400 companies to participate in EuroCIS 2022, the iconic trade fair annually held at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center. Top-rated world representatives of the retail and hospitality sectors were gathered together to display their recent innovations and set next-gen trends. From May 31 to June 2, visitors from all over the world got a chance to attend companies’ booths. HiStone is one of 14 Chinese representatives exhibiting its next-gen retail solutions at EuroCIS 2022. The company showcased its technology-driven self-service checkouts and POS terminals at exhibition stand #10C51.

HiStone stand at EuroCIS 2022

HiStone Booth Introduced Brand New Retail Technologies

This year, HiStone impressed the visitors with high-quality and next-level POS and SCO solutions that move the retail industry towards the best possible customer service and satisfaction. The company’s booth showcased the tech-enabled innovations that enhance self-checkout and cashierless experiences making the shopping process more efficient for both retailers and their customers.

We are pleased to highlight the fabulous planning of the exhibition. With the highest organizational level, it was straightforward for attendees to find our booth, analyze recent retail trends, and collaborate with our company representatives. The EuroCIS exhibition, since the pandemic pause, attracted crowds of retail and hospitality technology providers and visitors to push the sectors to new peaks. Our company expresses its utmost gratitude to the exhibition hosts as everything was held at the highest possible level.

HiStone – The Combination of Affordable Prices and Top-Quality Performance

HiStone is a brand that aims to revolutionize the retail industry by bringing innovative high-class solutions. With a wide range of diverse POS systems, touch monitors, and self-checkouts, the company is ready to move the retail sector to a new level where customers spend less time and effort, and retailers offer the best conditions for their clients.

HiStone, like other top-rated and world-known brands, is never satisfied with a little but always drives towards higher value and efficiency. The company believes that adopting next-gen technologies opens a set of doors for both retailers and customers.

The pandemic led to the explosive demand for POS and self-checkout technologies, and HiStone is ready to conquer the international market, offering businesses what their customers expect to get. Furthermore, the company combines top-quality performance and brand-new ideas with affordable prices to speed the progress up.

HiStone takes care of every side of success. No matter what industry customers represent, they are able to find something special that meets their needs. Next-gen hardware solutions are combined with luxe design to make our technologies the best solution to implement.

HiStone is proud of its quality management at every stage, starting with research and ending with the service process. All the solutions meet international standards and regulations so that HiStone technologies can be accepted worldwide.

The Importance of the Interaction With Clients

The #10C51 booth attracted crowds of partners and retailers interested in the extensive development. Our company’s motto is to provide clients with the exact solutions they want to get, and the exhibition is the perfect place to understand clients’ demands and expectations. The HK960, a high-class cash register, is every trade show’s most dazzling star. The all-in-one POS system, the 2022 German Red Dot Award and iF Design Award winner, has been shining too brightly to let visitors pass by.

HiStone Era HK960U POS system

EuroCIS 2022 was the perfect and easiest way to reach the company experts. Our specialists were pleased to explain the benefits and strong points of retail technologies. Furthermore, the interaction with clients always helps us keep up with your demands and expectations. On the one hand, our company is paving the path of progress, while on the other hand, we strongly demand to deploy changes that entirely meet your needs.

We have discussed the recent retail trends together, communicated on where the market is going to move further, and pointed out some crucial milestones technologies should build on.

HiStone stand at EuroCIS 2022

HiStone to Expand to New Markets

This year, companies from 33 countries took part in EuroCIS 2022, representing the European, Asian, and North American regions. This is why despite the title “EuroCIS” the event was entirely international and opened brand new opportunities for HiStone.

Our booth attracted visitors from diverse regions (Europe, the Middle East, LATAM, etc.). With the recognition and trust of our clients, we continue to develop and conquer new markets, and the exhibition served as a perfect boost to achieve such an aim. The HiStone brand has a clear goal: to become the world’s leading business technology solution provider.

The company's internalization process gains momentum, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, HiStone continued to hit new sales records in 2021. Our technologies are widely demanded on five continents.

If you did not manage to visit EuroCIS 2022 and communicate with our experts, the opportunities to leverage revolutionary SCO and POS solutions still exist. Contact our specialists to understand which technologies you need to advance your business to the next level. HiStone is proud of an elite team of experts in all fields; this is why your retail business is in safe hands!

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