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HiStone Shines at EuroCIS 2024: Elevating Retail with Innovations

As we reflect on last week's EuroCIS 2024, HiStone distinguished itself not merely by its cutting-edge innovations but also through its unwavering commitment to advancing the retail sector. This year's display was a testament to innovation, merging the finesse of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to transform the retail landscape. Highlighting our showcase were the leading HS520U and the newly unveiled HS330U Self-Checkout systems, tailored for the EU market, alongside an extensive selection of EPOS, Box POS systems, Touch Monitors, and Mobile POS solutions. HiStone captivated the audience, signaling the onset of an advanced era in retail solutions.

The HS520U and HS330U Self-Checkout: Emblems of Efficiency and Adaptability

The star of our showcase, the HS520U, harmoniously integrated with LaurelRetail Software and bolstered by CPI's Paypod™ Compact, exemplified our dedication to enriching the retail experience. This system stands as a beacon of efficiency, fostering customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Concurrently, the HS330U, recognized for its adaptable configuration, meets the versatile demands of contemporary retail settings, offering solutions that are both approachable and flexible.

Charting the Course for Retail's Future

EuroCIS 2024 marked a defining moment, affirming HiStone's leadership in retail technology. Each interaction and shared insight has bolstered our determination to innovate and deliver substantial solutions to the retail industry.

We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who explored our technologies and shared in our vision for a more streamlined and customer-focused retail future. The insights and connections from this event are invaluable as we continue at the vanguard of retail technology innovation.

Our sincere thanks to all who were part of our EuroCIS 2024 narrative. Together, we're not merely observing the evolution of retail technology; we're actively directing its course.


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