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HiStone at GITEX 2023: Experience the Future of Retail

Join us in the heart of innovation as HiStone makes a groundbreaking appearance at GITEX 2023. As we navigate the crossroads where technology and commerce intertwine, HiStone stands tall, representing the epitome of future-focused retail solutions.

graphic of HiStone at Gitex 2023

Why Visit the HiStone Booth?

Industry Leadership: Discover why HiStone is heralded as the #4 global Self-Checkout provider. Dive deep into the mechanics and brilliance behind our world-class systems that redefine seamless shopping.

Pioneering Point of Sale: As the #6 EPOS global provider, we don't just offer transactional tools - we offer transformative experiences. Explore our cutting-edge EPOS systems that are crafted to fit businesses, both large and small.

Interactive Demonstrations: Witness our solutions in real-time. Our on-site experts will guide you through live demonstrations, showcasing the efficiency, flexibility, and innovation of our products.

Exclusive Insights: Engage in thought-provoking sessions with our industry specialists. Learn about emerging trends, the future of retail, and how HiStone is pioneering the future landscape of retail and hospitality. Event Details:

Venue: GITEX 2023, Dubai World Trade Centre

Date: 16 – 20 Oct, 2023

HiStone Booth: #H2-D60, Hall 2

For our GITEX 2023 attendees, we have some exclusive promotions and giveaways. Be one of the first to experience our latest solutions!


Secure your slot and unlock a future where retail knows no boundaries.

Witness the convergence of vision, innovation, and expertise. HiStone invites you to a retail renaissance at GITEX 2023. Be there to be a part of the transformation!


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