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HiStone at NRF 2024: Retail's Big Show Asia-Pacific

HiStone at NRF 2024 Asia -Pacific

Event Details

Date: 11-13 June, 2024

Location: Singapore

Unleashing Potential, Empowering Retail

Join HiStone, a global leader with 35 years of innovation, at the forefront of the Asia-Pacific retail revolution.

Experience the future of retail technology with us at NRF 2024 APAC. As pioneers in POS and self-checkout solutions, we are excited to demonstrate our latest advancements designed to transform retail operations and enhance customer experiences across the globe.

Next-Level POS Systems: Discover HiStone’s cutting-edge POS solutions, where superior functionality meets streamlined design. Elevate your retail operations with HiStone's advanced POS solutions. Engineered for precision and ease of use, our systems integrate seamlessly into any retail environment, enhancing both customer interaction and operational efficiency.

Ultra-Responsive Self-Checkout Solutions: Experience the speed and reliability of HiStone's self-checkout stations. Designed for modern consumers, these systems offer a swift, hassle-free checkout process to accommodate the fast-paced shopping environment. Optimized for speed and user-friendliness, they cater to the efficiency needs of contemporary shoppers, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.

Strategic Industry Insights: Connect with our team of global experts to gain insights into the evolving landscape of retail technology.

Connect with Us!

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how HiStone’s solutions can revolutionize your retail operations. Our team is excited to meet you, understand your challenges, and discuss how our solutions can help address them.


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