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HiStone Launches Its New HK960 POS Device to Revolutionize the Retail and Hospitality Markets

HiStone is pleased to announce the release of the HK960, its next-generation POS model; built to drastically improve customer satisfaction via enabling businesses with more flexible, efficient, and secure POS services. An enhanced feature-rich functionality of HK960 coupled with high-end design is geared to meet both employees' and customers' expectations while driving better user and shopping experiences. The flagship HK960 POS product has been developed to achieve the core retail and hospitality business goal — to avoid long hours of operations and make customer service as fast and easy as possible.

HiStone HK960 ERA POS System

Benefits of the next-gen POS model HK960

"The way people shop has forever changed in the last several years. Customers evolve as they need more secure and personalized services that drive more value to their shopping experiences," said Alex Barannik, Business Development Manager at Histone. "This new paradigm stimulates the HiStone team to deliver our clients only the most efficient, market-ready POS solutions that generate business growth and bring customer satisfaction."

When compared to ordinary point-of-sale products, the innovative HiStone's HK960 model turns out to be several steps ahead. The HK960 is a flagship device that has successfully inherited all the previous models' benefits and been equipped with new ultramodern characteristics.

Ultra-thin bezel combined with high brightness

HiStone understands the importance of display characteristics; this said, the flagship model has got a screen that is able to undoubtedly conquer a salesperson's attention. The ultra-thin bezel of just 1.1 cm makes the screen look stylish and modern.

HiStone HK960 ERA POS System

The model edges are 1cm and 1.5 cm only; this is why the screen ratio is 82% — HiStone offers your staff the highest possible field of view. The HK960 definitely beats its competitors being far more convenient for end-users.

As for the highest possible brightness, the technology update is also evident to make the machine more comfortable for the eyes. Unlike many other traditional POS models in the market with around 220 nits, the flagship model gets 450 nits. The revolutionary characteristics of the HK960 with its 450 nits are designed to exceed the average industry features and customer expectations.

Next-level power features inside a small, elegant box

The HK960 looks like an ultramodern device that follows all the latest user design trends; however, this new POS model is proud of its monstrous power features.

The model has an Intel Tiger Lake UP3, the 11th generation of Intel's CPU. The i3-1115G4E, with a clock speed from 2.2GHz to 3.9GHz, is powerful enough, making it much more efficient for everyday operations in the long run. While most of today's models fail to meet ever-growing technology requirements, the HK960 boasts the highest turbo speed (up to 4.2GHz).

Furthermore, the innovative tech model receives enhanced DDR characteristics: clock speed of 3200MHz and bandwidth of 31 GB/s. What does it mean for your business?

The response speed is among the core characteristics of POS machines, and HK960 takes a front seat. A few seconds are enough to open the app, display pages, and complete the transaction. Your employees will undoubtedly appreciate the high response speed.

Stylish design to meet up-to-date fashion trends

Aside from the high-class characteristics, the HK960 is a model that looks resolute and smart to attract your customers' attention at first glance.

With shimmery metallic paint and aluminum alloy body, the flagship self-checkout model makes it evident that your business is paving the path of innovation and elegance. The dual-hinge machine's stand features flexible adjustment for added versatility.

Ultra-secure usage

HiStone understands the importance of the highest, watertight security; this is why the flagship model utilizes a dual LAN Port connection. As for the MTBF feature, the HK960 sets another record. HiStone equipped its ultramodern POS machine with 50 000 hours of Mean Time Between Failure. And that sounds quite impressive.

The HK960 is an excellent opportunity for any retail, hospitality, restaurant business or startup to ensure next-level customer services. Convenient, ultramodern, and high-power POS devices are ready to impress your staff and customers. For more information, contact our specialists to choose the correct model configuration. Logo customization is available as well.

With more than 30-year-experience in circulation information management, HiStone is among the top world-known developers of retail and hospitality machine solutions. The company offers a wide range of POS and SCO models to solve the existing retail obstacles and challenges. All-in-one POSs, box and mobile POS systems, self-checkouts, and other products are available for business owners.

The flagship HK960 POS model is an ultra-powerful, stylish, and convenient system to meet the needs of retailers. The machine is designed to be implemented in diverse spheres: retail (shopping malls), food & beverage (restaurants and bars), and entertainment (hotels).


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