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HiStone Launches Its New Highly Productive All-in-One POS – HERO II

HiStone is ready to impress the retail and hospitality market players with a new POS model – HK578, branded as HERO II. Retail and hospitality businesses now have one more opportunity to get an edge for their brick-and-mortar stores, retail chains, restaurants, and hotels.

All-in-one POS solutions are of high demand offline stores, as such systems include everything to provide both employees and customers with the best service. HERO II enters the line of next-gen POS systems as the model that combines high performance and low power consumption.

HERO II HK578: Core Benefits

The brand-new model designed by HiStone entirely matches the latest tech and business demands. HERO II HK578 provides hospitality and retail business owners with the ultimate customer experience, reduction of operational expenses, and unparalleled technical excellence.

The Combination of High Productivity with Lower Power Consumption

Intel Celeron J6412 processor makes the model a more economical choice for both chain stores and hotels as HERO II effectively handles POS transactions of any complexity. The processor is responsible for high and stable productivity with low power consumption at the same time. Minimize your operational costs without harm to the effectiveness of routine shopping processes.

This all-in-one POS contains 4GB DDR4 memory and 128GB SSD storage (default characteristics). The upgrades up to 16GB and 512GB are available.

HERO II is a software-agnostic POS terminal, which is why retailers and hospitality companies can easily integrate the model into their business operations. Such seamless integrability is particularly important for businesses, as they can deal with any software providers they like to.

Comfort for Eyes with 15-inch Screen

HERO II is equipped with a 15” LED screen that makes it comfortable for employees’ eyes to manage the shopping process. The screen is compatible with all 4:3 software solutions.

Business owners can get a model with the second screen suggested among optional peripherals. Two complementary solutions are available: a compact 10.4” screen with 800*600 resolution or fully-functional 15-inch widescreen with 1024*768 resolution. Business users may get either touch or non-touch second screens. On top of this, HK578 may be optionally equipped with highly endurable vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs).

Sleek and Stylish Design

HiStone has made HERO II of die-cast aluminum to provide retail points with a model of highly reliable housing. Along with exceptional durability, the all-in-one POS system impresses retailers with its compact footprint and sleek design elements. The dark gray color matches all the interior design solutions making HERO II look stylish and correspond with the latest technology and customer-centricity trends.

The model provides employees as well as hotel guests and shoppers with ultimate comfort as multiple height adjustments are available. Also, HERO II is fully compatible with VESA mounts.

Optional peripherals

Aside from second displays, business owners may equip the POS system with card readers (MSR only or MSR + RFID), fingerprint readers, and desktop stands/wall mounts. As such, clients from the hospitality and retail sectors can pay only for those options they really need.

As of today, the model is compatible with Linux and Windows 10 operating systems. Starting from 2023, HERO II will become compatible with Windows 11 to enhance your business flexibility.

The operating environment of the model varies from 0℃ to 40℃; this is why the model perfectly matches the working conditions of any business premises, be it an offline store, restaurant, or a hotel.

HiStone has the only way to explore and harness new opportunities, and this way is a continuous progress,” said Mohamed Berihi, Business Development Manager, HiStone. “HERO II is the next step on the way towards our global mission – to provide retail and hospitality businesses alongside their customers with the ultimate experience.”

All-in-one POS HERO II systems are already available for smooth integration with business capabilities at scale. Stay connected to the progress and unlock new opportunities for your business. To learn more about other POS models, HiStone suggests retail and hospitality companies to look through the complete list of its products.

Would you like to get some more information on our product range? Drop our managers a line to let us help find the exact solution that suits your individual business needs.


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