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HiStone POS Ascends in Global Rankings, Reclaims #4 Spot as Leading Self-Checkout Provider

HiStone banner #4 globally for self-checkout systems

Qingdao HiStone Intelligent Commercial System Co. Ltd, a frontrunner in point-of-sale and self-checkout solutions, is elated to announce its return to the #4 position as a global Self-Checkout Provider, as highlighted in the latest rankings by RBR, the leading provider of strategic research and consulting services. This recent achievement marks a commendable comeback from last year's #5 position, demonstrating the company's resilience and dedication to superior service delivery.

RBR's report underscores HiStone's dominant presence in its domestic market, complemented by its significant and growing footprint overseas. The report states, "HiStone leads in its home market and is making substantial inroads overseas, notably with projects at local supermarket chains in Latin America." Such global reach is a testament to HiStone's flexible strategy and dedication to serving diverse markets worldwide.

pie charge showing the major players in the self-checkout market

RBR's report also shed light on the global expansion trends, stating, "Vendors continue to expand beyond their home markets," with a notable mention of the collective impact of key players from China accounting for nearly a fifth of global shipments.

Amidst growing competitive pressures, HiStone POS remains unwavering, distinguishing itself through innovative solutions and an enduring commitment to its clients.

About HiStone POS:

HiStone POS is a distinguished provider of point-of-sale solutions, celebrated for its state-of-the-art products tailored to both retail and hospitality sectors. With a strategic global presence, HiStone is committed to enhancing checkout experiences for clients across the world.


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