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The Retail Market Welcomes Brand-New POS LUNA S HK528

HiStone Luna S HK528 POS System

HiStone continues to help retail businesses create a competitive edge and match up-to-date customers’ demands. The importance of keeping up with the time is amid the core ones while talking about the growing competition and modified challenges. POS systems designed by HiStone are a new word aimed to revolutionize the market.

All-in-one systems are professional integrated solutions that include everything required to equip a retail sales point. One body unites a display and a system unit that makes an all-in-one POS system space-saving and aesthetic. LUNA S HK528 is a new member of the line of next-gen products.

LUNA S HK528 All-In-One POS: Core Benefits

LUNA S Point-of-Sale systems are designed to meet the expectations of both customers and employees, and the HK528 enters the market as a series’ flagship. The system is compatible with Windows OS.

High Productivity and Stable Performance

The model is equipped with an Intel Celeron J6412 processor. The solution is understood among the top ones for embedded devices. With clock speed of up to 2.6 GHz the processor is able to handle all the operations a POS system is involved in. By default, the solution gets 4 GB memory and 128 GB storage. Optionally retailers may extend these characteristics to 16 GB and 256 GB.

As such, HK528 guarantees stable performance and high response speed. Your customers are going to not waste their time in queues. The model is fully software agnostic; this is why you won’t face hurdles while integrating a system into your business.

Comfort for Eyes

HiStone understands the importance of a POS system to be as convenient for employees and customers as possible. As such, the model is equipped with a 15.6” LED widescreen that is comfortable for the eyes. Furthermore, HK528 carries a true flat capacitive touch screen onboard.

Fanless Design: Keep Quiet While Working

A cooling system is an integral part of all computing devices, and sometimes its noises are annoying enough. HiStone is paving the path of the ultimate comfort on all levels; this is why LUNA S HK528 is ready to impress retailers with innovative and revolutionary fanless design. Such a cooling system makes the device both exceptionally productive and calm. No irritating noises while working. Your employees and clients will definitely love it.

Compatibility with Windows 11

As of today, the POS system is compatible with Linux and Windows 10; meanwhile, HiStone is ready for upcoming challenges as well. Starting from 2023 LUNA S HK528 will be compatible with Windows 11 to meet the highest business demands.

Optional Peripherals

Such an all-in-one Point-of-Sale system covers the expectations and challenges retailers face; meanwhile, optional peripherals allow business owners to extend its functionality.

This device has an integrated 80 mm thermal printer, 10.1” second screen, dual-band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0. What’s more, the feature list gives customers some extra options available. Perhaps, you need a camera? Add face ID payment and membership recognition cameras. What about a fingerprint reader? Yes, the model offers such an option as well.

Complete your LUNA S HK528 with optional peripherals to get a state-of-the-art device that is ready to give your business a competitive edge.

Design: the Last but Not the Least

Customers get a wide range of offers that spoil a client. They are looking for better options no matter whether those options impact quality or not. Design is among the brightest examples. HiStone understands up-to-date trends; this is why LUNA S HK528 is a perfect element that matches your interior and adds the exclusive charm of modernism. The model is available in black and white colors.

Where to Utilize LUNA S All-in-one POS Solutions?

Point-of-Sale solutions representing the LUNA S series are ready to be used within temperature limits from 0℃ to 40℃. HK528 is a perfect match for all brick-and-mortar stores, cafes and restaurants, hotels, and other businesses linked with sales.

There is only one way to stay competitive. Just offer one best product after another,” said Mohamed Berrihi, VP Business Development of POS Division, HiStone, EMEA. “LUNA S HK528 proves that we follow this principle strictly. Another all-in-one POS that is ready to jump your retail business to a new level. The astonishing mix of high-end technologies, contemporary design, and ultimate user-friendliness.

We have already added the HK528 model to the list of products, and business owners are free to purchase a POS system that entirely matches their demands. Look through the list of LUNA S models to buy the best one for your challenges.

Need more information? Ready to purchase a high-class POS system to keep your business developing? Prefer to look through the fullest list of other models? Drop our managers a line to get professional consultations and find all the answers.

HiStone Luna S POS System HK528


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