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Tsingtao Beer Museum Turned to the Latest POS Technology From Hisense

To create an enjoyable shopping experience, Tsingtao Beer Museum turned to the latest POS technology from Hisense. The innovative business technology helps them achieve their dream of creating a welcoming and relaxed environment for visitors while optimizing the buying experience.

Tsingtao beer museum in Qingdao

Tsingtao Beer Museum is one of the most famous attractions in Qingdao and a must-see for tourists visiting the city, and the only beer museum in China. A fascinating experience for anyone interested in beer, the museum features various displays of old factory buildings, brewing equipment and technology that is more than 100 years old. Visitors can also taste authentic Tsingtao beer, located in a tasting room outside the main museum area. To further your enjoyment of Tsingtao beer, you can order it and have it delivered to your home to share memorable and happy moments with friends and family.

To create an enhanced customer experience that is both relaxed and enjoyable for visitors, Tsingtao Beer Museum selected the stylish and elegant Hisense POS HK570 and HK560 Retail Touch Terminals and the bold and eye-catching HS5500 Self-Checkout Terminal with Hisense Business Management Software.

Tsingtao beer museum in Qingdao

The HS5500 Self-Checkout Terminal is particularly striking. The design of the interface perfectly integrates seamlessly into the environment. It supports facial recognition and mobile QR code payments, making it easy for visitors to independently complete the entire purchasing transaction. The result is reduced queues and increases customer satisfaction.

For their point-of-sale equipment, the museum selected the high-quality Hisense HK570 and HK560 Touch Terminals. The POS systems' sleek appearance, combined with their reliability, delivers a stable and efficient environment required to ensure operations run smoothly.

Software used at Tsingtao beer museum in Qingdao

In addition to providing retail POS terminals with commercial back-office management software, Hisense POS helped Tsingdao Beer achieve multi-industry management. This means that the company could centralize all key business functions and execute a unified business management structure.

The above helped with many improvements, including reduced data communication bottlenecks, improved database performance, and more, which allowed for increased sales, deliveries to home, catering, coffee shops, and various multi-business environments.

Hisense is not just collaborating with Tsingtao Beer in their Tsingtao Beer Museum. The TSINGTAO1903 Community Living Room Project offers continuous cooperation between the two companies.

Tsingtao has expanded in the past few years from just a beer company to a general lifestyle brand. They do this by renovating old buildings and turning them into "fashion" centers where people can enjoy various activities like shopping, dining, and drinking. One way they have been successful is through their TSINGTAO1903 Community Living Room Project. It helps them explore new business models and open nearly a hundred new stores to expand their chain nationwide.

Next to the Tsingtao Beer Museum, a coffee shop with the unique charm of TSINGTAO1903 awaits you. The decor is trendy and stylish, which is further complemented by the Hisense

LUNA X Series HK560 Retail Touch Terminal, providing a distinctively classy atmosphere.

The LUNA X Series is the first choice for many high-end merchants. It is known for its flexible product layout and refined design, providing an interactive experience that is perfect in every way. With smartphone payments done using the CUBE X 2D scanner, the HK560 becomes an even more attractive option and industry point-of-sale leader for value and efficiency.

In closing, it is worth noting that Hisense Smart Commercial is a service provider of point-of-sale and back-office software for the Qingdao Beer Festival.

Welcome to the vibrant city of Qingdao!

Visit the Tsingtao Beer Museum and enjoy the best beer

and shopping experience with Hisense POS terminals.

City of Lights Qingdao in China


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