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Introducing HiStone's HK568/HK568U: The Game-Changing POS Solution Redefining Retail and Hospitality

HiStone has released HK568/HK568U, an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) model pushing the boundaries of digital payment capabilities for the retail and hospitality industries.

HiStone Luna X HK568 All-in-one POS System

HiStone, a leading provider of innovative POS and Self-Checkout hardware solutions, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation of the LUNA X model range, the HK568/HK568U. This state-of-the-art all-in-one POS model sets new standards in performance, flexibility, and user experience, solidifying HiStone's position as a reliable and premium-quality technology vendor in the industry.

LUNA X HK568/HK568U: With industry needs in mind

How POS technology affects the retail and hospitality market

The retail and hospitality industries are undergoing a profound shift, driven by evolving consumer expectations and the need for seamless, efficient transactions. Embracing digital solutions is no longer a choice but a necessity for businesses to thrive in this dynamic landscape. As customers seek faster, more convenient ways to make purchases, leveraging advanced POS technology becomes an imperative for businesses.

Forbes claims that strategies to create satisfying experiences in restaurants, shops, hotels, and other on-site locations are increasingly relying on POS and self-service checkout options. They may contribute to shorter wait times and more client satisfaction. They can also aid retailers and hospitality business owners in saving money by lowering labor costs and boosting productivity.

Automated check-in, touch-free checkout, and virtual basket tracking are all features of efficient checkout solutions like autonomous digitally-driven checkout systems. The Shekel survey shows that consumers would want to shop in autonomous stores 75% of the time. Along with advanced technology, integrating new POS and SCO solutions is a great customer-first strategy for the hospitality and retail sectors that offers clients seamless and personalized experiences.

According to Shopify, the retail and hospitality industries are extremely dependent on tech-enabled hardware and software solutions. The POS and self-checkout systems support speedy and effective payment processing, multichannel inventory management, flexible order fulfillment, and other functionality. Harnessing the potential of POS technology can help businesses gain an edge in the highly competitive retail market of today.

HiStone Luna X HK568 All-In-One POS System

Gaining digital momentum: How to make the difference with HiStone

HiStone emerges as an industry innovator in offering cutting-edge hardware solutions for the retail and hospitality sectors in a time when digital transformation is reshaping industries everywhere. While designing its innovative POS and self-checkout systems, the company thinks primarily about bringing together new revenue opportunities for businesses and better user experiences for customers.

To address the major challenges faced by businesses in these industries nowadays, HiStone R&D development does its best to carry out profound research on the latest business development and customer experience trends. It helps deliver the most efficient POS and self-checkout solutions to the market. Paying much attention to the industry-specific business needs of its clients is of paramount importance for HiStone. The company keeps providing new POS and SCO models across its wide product range while catering to the new business normal. For instance, the HERO II HK578 model was recently successfully introduced to the market.

This time around — on the high heels of advantageous models of other POS and SCO series — the aspiring LUNA X HK568/HK568U new generation model versions have come into the spotlight. Below is the breakdown of all the HK568/HK568U model product specifications and the benefits it gives retail and hospitality businesses as well as their customers.

LUNA X HK568/HK568U: What’s under the hood

Greater CPU capabilities

Designed with performance in mind, the HK568/HK568U model is equipped with the cutting-edge Intel® Celeron® Elkhart Lake J6412 and Intel® Core™ Tiger Lake i3 CPUs respectively, delivering unparalleled processing power and performance to meet the ever-growing demands of modern businesses. This enhanced processing capability empowers retailers and hospitality providers to handle complex operations efficiently, ensuring swift and effective daily payment services for their valued customers.

Sleek and flexible design

One of the standout features of the HK568/HK568U is its smart hinge design, which allows for seamless screen rotation and adjustable screen height. This flexibility enhances user comfort and convenience, providing operators with more freedom to configure the device according to their specific needs. Whether it's adjusting the screen to face customers or finding the ideal viewing angle for the operator, the smart hinge design offers unrivaled versatility.

HiStone Luna X HK568 All-in-One POS System

Larger POS display

The 15.6" wide-screen POS display of the HK568/HK568U offers an immersive and engaging visual experience. This larger display brings greater clarity and detail to the forefront, enhancing both customer interactions and the overall user interface for operators. At the heart of this exceptional display is the advanced IPS screen technology, which guarantees an impressive 178 degrees viewing angle. This means that customers can view the screen from virtually any angle without compromising on image quality. With the HK568/HK568U, businesses can provide their customers with a seamless and enjoyable purchasing journey.

Space-optimized POS form factor

HiStone's commitment to space efficiency is exemplified by the Cube X box design of the HK568/HK568U. The model’s innovative design optimizes counter space, making it an ideal choice for business premises with limited room. The compact non-bulky form factor ensures that businesses can maximize their operational efficiency without compromising on performance or functionality.

HiStone Luna X HK568 All-in-one POS System with Cube X

"HiStone's HK568/HK568U represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide the most reliable and premium-quality solutions for the retail and hospitality industries," said Mohamed Berihi, Business Development Director, EMEA region at HiStone. "We understand the challenges faced by businesses in the digital age and strive to deliver POS solutions that enable them to achieve the ultimate customer experience at scale. The HK568/HK568U combines powerful performance, flexible design, and an immersive display to offer an unparalleled solution that meets the needs of modern businesses."

With the launch of the HK568/HK568U, HiStone once again demonstrates its commitment to driving digital transformation and supporting businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors. By offering swift and effective daily payment services, HiStone's POS product range empowers businesses to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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HiStone is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative hardware solutions, specializing in point-of-sale (POS) and self-checkout systems for the retail and hospitality industries. With a strong focus on reliability, performance, and ultimate customer experience, HiStone delivers premium-quality solutions that empower businesses to capitalize on new opportunities in the digital age.

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